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Thanks Drew!

This is the 848x600 unit.

I am surprized how quiet this unit is.

Picture looks great.

Great colors and rock solid picture.

The seleco 1 chip still has better colors than any projector

Ive scene but the colors are excellent on this unit.

Also I find the newer Seleco/Dwin 1 chip dlps to have better blacks but blacks are still great on this unit.

I think the manolta lens that comes with these units have something to do with the black level as these are an older design and the contrast is not as good as the smaller newer lens found on the current 1 chip projectors.

While I find the 1 chip seleco to be sharper with better blacks and better color there is something about this picture that is more film like. Very film like. It has a very solid picture. I also think the xenon buld has a positive effect on the picture as well.

Anyone thinking of getting one of these units should do so.

You will be very pleased with the picture from this unit!


Alan Gouger

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That is great to hear as mine will arrive at the Airport in a week or so.

What are you using or suggest using to drive the unit?

Does the projector remind you of any other projector??

ANd did you use the Stewart Grayhawk??



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