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Just got my Hitachi 46F510, now what?

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So, I received my Hitachi 46H510 last night from Sears. It really is a beautiful set...bang for the buck comes to mind here. I hooked up all of my stuff and went to town getting everything to display correctly, in the correct format.

Here is my other hardware:

DirecTV SD Tivo

DirecTV RCA HD Receiver

Panasonic Progressive Scan DVD Player


I've got pretty much everything working as expected. The only thing that concerns me is the DVD player. It seems to me that the 480i signal looks cleaner than the 480p on my set. I'm not sure if its my set that isn't handling the picture or if the dvd player is the culprit. I just bought the dvd player so I could return it and go back to my 5 disc 480i player if the TV just doesn't do 480P well. Does anyone have any experience with this set (or family of sets) and progressive scan dvd players?

Also...I know that people say it's a good idea to get a set professionally calibrated, especially if you're a first time buyer. Is it true that you should wait about 100 hours to do this? What does it usually cost for a service like that? I bought the service plan through Sears, does this cover it, or is it a special service I need to get elsewhere? Is there anything else I need to know about my new set?

I love this place, there is a ton of information...

Thanks in advance.
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I just had my 57F510 calibrated last night, and I have to say that based upon watching all the effort it took to correct everything that was wrong, it was certainly worth it. It's amazing how much better it looks, and I thought it looked pretty incredible to begin with. One thing - you won't be getting it calibrated by Sears. IMO, the only thing they are qualified to do is replace it with a new one if it breaks, and cart off the cardboard.

Do give your set a month or two for the electronics to break in. Calibrations can cost from $300 - $600+, especially if you have to pay travel costs for the technician. Make sure that the tech has all the right tools, too.

I feel very good about the job my calibrator (Chad Billheimer) did on my TV. He was gracious about having me just hanging out watching him work, and he was much more of a perfectionist than I am - always a good sign. During the Greyscale calibration, he must have dialed it VERY well at least 3 times, then went and tweaked something else and started over because he thought it could be better. And he was right - the color temperature is now very even across all the greyscale levels.

Just watching him redo the convergence and geometry made me glad to pay him to do it, rather than doing it myself. I wouldn't mind doing a touch-up job as needed, but again he took the time and made multiple passes until it satisfied him.
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Wow...300-600 bones for some calibration time? I live in LA so it's going to be fairly easy to find a local tech, so I probably won't have to pay for any travel but still...I can't see paying more than a couple hundred...hell 600 bucks is almost half of the cost of the tv itself. Maybe I'll just try to do it myself.

Thanks for the response and information.
i have this tv- it could be your dvd player- i just bought a new toshiba dvd player that had progressive scan. first i couldn't figure out how to turn the progressive on and the picture looked alright. the pic quality is definitely better running it in progressive. i'd assume that you've got some decent cables hooked up to it and everything.
I'm going to hook my old dvd player back up and see how that goes. Maybe the 46F510 just doesn't display progressive dvd's that well.
Glad to see another Chad Billheimer fan on the forum. He calibrated both my Marquee 8500 and my Sony Wega KDF-42WE655 last week. He did an excellent job, and his attention to detail was meticulous. The "dialed in" difference on both units was staggering. When I saw how out of calibration the Wega was straight out of the box, I was floored. For your new set, don't scrimp on the calibration, it's literally worth every dollar. Trust me, I've been doing home theater for seven years, I couldn't come close to the gear that Chad had and wouldn't have been able to do a DIY job that even approached his work - $300 to $600 is a bargain. I should know, I've been trying to DIY my CRT projector for nearly 3 years....

Richard Bird
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