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i put this post up over at head-fi.org and for the life of me, cannot get a response from anyone when it comes to wireless headphones. oh well. i guess im not headphone savvy enough for those guys

ok... so these wireless surround sound headphones are pretty awesome. right now i have them hooked directly to my PS3 (optical) and cable box(coax).

I have other devices that run on digital and are hooked directly to my receiver. So i thought a better setup would be to keep all my devices hooked up directly to the receiver and then run 1 digital connection between the receiver and the headphone decoder.

problem is..... my receiver doesnt have a digital output. it only has digital inputs... which makes sense. why would you need to output sound from a receiver (hence the name...receiver )

another (main) reason why i really want to do this is to get more adjustment in sound settings. there is no bass/trebble adjustments on the pioneer decoder box and also, the volume on these headphones isnt very loud. i actually listen to them at about 90%. of course the other reason i want to do this is to eliminate having to keep switching wires on the unit or at the back of the device.

so anyone know a work around for this or if there are receivers with a digital out?
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