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So I just bought the Yamaha YHT-393BL. It's my first surround sound system so hopefully I'll like it! I'm going to be using it with my cable box/ps3/xbox 360/PC. If I have the ps3 and xbox 360 going to the reciever and then the cable box going to just the tv and the tv going to the receiver will i be able to hear the cable through the system? The reason i don't want the cable box going into the receiver is because I wanted to be able to have my xbox and ps3 going my computer monitor sometimes while still having the cable box go to the tv at the same time (to watch tv while gaming)? idk if this would be possible or the best way to go about it.

my other question is what is the best way to hook up my pc to it? I have hdmi on my graphics card so I could go from that to the receiver but then I'd have to have the receiver go to the monitor but then if I also wanted the xbox etc going to the tv would I need a switch?

Hopefully any of this makes sense but thinking about it as I type it seems like it may not be possible and I'd need speakers for my computer as well as my tv and game systems?
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