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I just moved into my new house and I'm having some trouble deciding how to handle the upstairs living room.

I will have a dedicated theater downstairs, but this will be a place that will see a lot of use, and I want it to be right. The previous owner just used it as a sitting room so I don't really have any inspiration as far as that goes.

All of the pictures are here:


Measurements are also available, I just need to make a diagram.

I've thought about maybe putting a 42" lcd above the fireplace in the cutout, but what I'm worried about is the fact that the mantle is 4'10" high so I'm not sure if that's too high. If I put it up there I could fit in a full size couch and probably 2 chairs. I could have them all recline which would make the height not as much of an issue, but I still don't know if it's too much.

The other option is to put in an entertainment center on the big blank wall to the right of the fireplace and then a full size couch backing up to the dining room. I could also maybe fit in 1 chair to the right, but the layout doesn't make as much sense as the fireplace mounting.

Any ideas? If nothing works at all I could still make it a sitting room and just concentrate fully on the downstairs theater, but in the winter I'd really like to sit up there and watch tv in front of the fire.

Thanks in advance!

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