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Just need a quick opinion on Atmos speaker placement (photos)

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I just purchased 4 micca 8" ceiling speakers for Atmos. As you can see in the photos, my ceiling drops in the middle of the basement. My seating (sectional) will be under the lower part of the ceiling. Just wondering if I should install 2 speakers in the higher part and 2 in the lower part or try to squeeze them all in to the lower part? The lower section of the ceiling starts at about 10' back from the wall my screen will be on. Ceiling Room Interior design Building Window

Thanks for any advice!


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Don't worry about the difference in ceiling height, just place one pair a few feet forward of you and the other pair a few feet rearward of you. The goal is to be able to hear left-vs-right AND front-vs-back separation above you.
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Ok, thank you for that, I didn't know if it would make it sound strange that 2 of the speakers are higher than the others or if having that lip where the lower part of the ceiling starts would somehow block some of the sound.
During initial calibration, EVERY speaker will have delays & levels adjusted so that ALL speakers sound like they are the same distance from you. With the large 8" woofers on your ceiling speakers, the end results should sound spectacular.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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