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I just purchased my today from 6Th AVE http://www.6ave.com/main.jsp.

The cost was more but they are authorized Denon dealer.

You need to be careful buying from a non authorized Denon dealer.

On Denon's WEB site there is this comment.


The warranty on DENON Electronics products is NOT VALID if the products have been purchased from an unauthorized dealer/on-line E-tailer or if the original factory serial number has been removed, defaced or replaced in any way. Recently DENON Electronics has become aware of numerous instances in which such serial number tampering has occurred. Unauthorized dealers/on-line E-tailers and/or their suppliers frequently alter the serial numbers in an effort to prevent manufacturers from tracing the supplier source. DENON Electronics sell products through authorized retail and on-line channels to insure that consumers obtain quality pre-sale and after-sale support and service. PROTECT YOUR WARRANTY. Buy from an authorized DENON Electronics dealer/E-tailer. Check the unit and its packaging to determine whether the factory serial number may have been altered. If in doubt, call DENON Electronics at (973) 396-0810

I called Denon/USA and confirmed that 6th AVE was a authorized dealer and they are.

I then called 6th AVE and confirmed that they had some in stock and

that they were new. 6th AVE did tell me that they did not very many

left in stock.

Hurry is want one.
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