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Just Ordered The Panny L300u

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after reading this forum for the past 3 weeks or so i decided on the panny.

got a nice price..

HT should be finished in couple of weeks when the carpet goes in.
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Congrats. What kind of screen are you going with? I just looked at PJC and noticed all the prices were better than what I paid a couple of months ago, without the free dvd player though. Of course, I probably would rather have had the cash and bought a different DVD player.
thanks mate, actually i will be going with a DIY screen,

4 x 10 piece of drywall. cut to size, paint matte white and frame.

looking for a panny dvd rp62, you want to sell it?
Welcome to the club. I just took a quick drive home and saw a lovely package at the back door to greet me - my L300u!!! :p :D :cool:

It's gonna be a lonnnng weekend.
sounds like its going to be a laaaaaaaaaarge and louuuuuuuuuud weekend.

have fun mate........

Sweet, fire that baby up! I think it's the best purchase I've ever made, although TiVo runs a very close second.
I agree JACLSONIAN. My wife and I have talked about that several times. Out of all the the video stuff we have, including a 55 inch HDTV, and the Panny PJ, we would go crazy without that little Tivo box. That IS the best money I ever spent. Definitely changes the way you watch tv.
Well, I fired up Gladiator on that bad boy tonight and all I gotta say was WOW! No tweaking, the xp-30 and 300 were out of the box in went Gladiator right awaty. And this is on a friggin beige wall.

If it gets any better than this you won't be able to wipe the silly grin of my face! :D
nice....ok, that's enough until i get mine setup in a couple of weeks. damn just can't wait.
I'm looking at the end of April for my 300. As I get closer to the end of April, time slows down.
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