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Just saw the new Meridian 10K projector at the Definitive show.

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Please take my opinion for what its worth as I do not own a very high end projector like some of you in this section do. I have however gone to this show for several years and have seen some nice projection like the large 3 chip Runcos all the way back to the CRT's with the Snell and Wilcox Interpolator.

First what was cool was that Bob Stuart actually flew over for the show to present the projector. I'm not sure why they insist on calling it 10K(I know, thats what the resolution roughly multiplies out too) but, correct me if I'm wrong as a lot of info was really vague. I think it is 4096 by 2400. According to Bob, contrast ratio was 10,000:1.

It was shown on a 14 foot wide Stewart Cinecurve and they said the brightness on screen was 16 footlamberts. I talked to the rep for a little while and he said it was capable of 4000 Lumens but not clear whether this is a raw number or D6500 calibrated. Apparently though during the demo it was run on low lamp mode so it is capable of pushing larger screens.

This thing is HUGE! The projector itself looked about the size of the Barco 1500 or Sim2 HT5000, but then it was connected somehow to this large base that contained the video processor. Bob said though that there were several ways to install it so I assume it can be separated. The Definitive guys said it took SEVEN of them to move it in.

I sat in the second row(the projector was on the floor) so I was about 18 inches from it. At first I though the fan was a little loud but considering the size I guess it wasn't that bad and I didn't notice it at all during the demo with sound.

The picture looked very good and was plenty bright. I was a little disappointed in the demo material though. All of the demos were running off of hard drives to speed up switching the clips. They showed Gladiator that was apparently recorded off of European HDTV which seemed like kind of a weird call to me. Looked good but not amazing. Then, they played the pre-launch scene from Apollo 13. I thought they were going to use this to demo the dual JL Gothams in the setup but then they didn't even show the launch. Weird. To be honest, the picture on this clip was not that great. I know there is a lot of film grain in this movie and its the directors intent and blah blah blah but I would think there would have been a better selection than this. They then showed the entire intro to Cars which looked truly outstanding. Of course this movie looks great on any display but there was an amazing depth and smoothness to the image and it was hard to imagine it looking better.

The rest of this setup was full Meridian audio except subs which were the dual Gothams.

The price is $175,000. Pretty steep but I'm sure they will sell a few around here. A few people have already bought the Runco 103" plasma at $105,000 according to one of the salesmen. Lots of cash floating around here in microsoft land. Hopefully JVC can bring out a cheaper version with a decent scaler and then this could be a real great option for some lucky people.

Here's some other random thoughs from the show should anyone care:

-Was not that impressed with the Sim2 C3X1080. Of course I would give them the benefit of the doubt because there is always a rush for these companies to get things set up and I think Sim is a new line for Definitive. They showed it on kind of a small Firehawk and there was a lot of screen texture visible. So I guess this has more to do with the setup than the projector itself. Talking with one of the guys he was aware of the problem and they may switch to a Studiotech screen. I think it may have been too small for the brightness of this projector.

-In this same room there were Wilson speakers and the new Levinson processor with amps. This was the debut of the Thor's Hammer sub along setup with Maxx 2's and Watch center and surrounds. Just like last year, I just feel like the sub did not contribute much. IMO they should have pushed it with different material. Wilson is very clear about how important it is to them to have a well integrated sub but would have liked to hear some output as well. If it were my money I would spend the same amount on dual Gothams. The new ML 502 looked cool but all they really talked about was its video processing via dual Gennum chips and at this price I'm sure most folks would be a little more interested in the audio.

-The new Pioneer Elite 151 60" looked great. I have an 8th gen to sort of compare and I wouldn't say the blacks are 5X better and I was still able to tell where the bezel was in the black room. If you just stared at the picture though on 2.35 material it was really hard to see the black bars. They showed Ratatouille which is kind of cheating though IMO and Hancock trailer. IMO this was the best picture at the entire show. Looked really small though after looking projection setups. I wish pioneer could do an 80" version.

-Saw the Meridian MF10 which I think, correct me if I'm wrong is the JVC RS2. Looked nice but was a little dim.

-The Runco 103" plasma was on display with Maggie speakers and AR electronics. The Runco looked pretty good but not as good as some projection setups or the pio elite. The only application I can think of for this is wanting to always view with lights on for football or something. I was sitting pretty close so pixel structure was somewhat visible. It weighs 760 lbs according to the Runco guy.

For the second year in a row I was very impressed with Professional Home Cinema or PHC. This company is not very well known and there website sucks. Paul Hales founded it I guess after having some experience with pro speakers. They are horn based and driven by ICE amps with DSP. It was a small room and there were 9000 watts wih dual 18 inch subs. They played a drum solo from a cream concert that just punched you in the face. I know louder isn't better but the dynamics of this system were amazing and it had the most present dialogue during movie clips. The stuff is pretty expensive though, I think 40K for that system. Seems like you could do something like Mark Seatons Catalyst and subs for a similar result for way less money.

I was trying to get some info from one of the JL audio guys about their new speakers that are supposed to come out this fall but he was real tight-lipped. I think he thought I was some sort of spy or something. He did say though that they will be around 15K per speaker! Talk about coming into the speaker business with a bang. There should be cheaper, smaller versions later according to him. He said they will have internal amps. He kind of laughed at me when I asked if the amps would be ICE which I thought was weird. They must not like the ICE amps. He said internal DSP too. Shoud be a cool product.

This is a really fun show and I suggest anyone in the seattle area come take a look. The second day is usually better in my experience as they have worked out some of the kinks.
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i should may add here somthing.

the 4k jvc have arround 3000 lumen at d 65 with a new lamp.

cr. is more than 10000:1 its at 11 or 12000:1.

all steward screens have such visible shining partikles and that is

very bad when you use a dlp pr.

with lcos its not that bad visible but i since long time not understand why steward

not change it.

with todays pr. light out we also need no gain.

but seams the make good business........
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Thanks for the info Wolfgang.
Darin and I spoke to william, who stated he measured about 8500:1, but quite frankly, it appeared higher than that to me. Admittedly I was sitting very close, so that can help the perception of a higher on/off CR, but it held an utter blackout for a couple seconds, and the ANSI also was quite high, it black-holed some dark areas in bright scenes extremely well.

There were a few odd things that I tried really hard to find, but some of it may have been content-related.

I'm curious about where the colors are on this unit, it appeared to be a little bit out there in a couple scenes, and not like what you'd see on film. William was not clear what the gamut was that they targeted, but it did not appear to me to be SMPTE C.

That all being said, it was incredible. If they show this at cedia with actual 4k content, which I expect them to, it should look incredible. I'm curious to see how that stacks up against 70mm film.
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John E. Johnson. Jr., has an entry on his Secrets blog about this event and projector, including a video interview with Bob Stuart about the 810. http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/blog/...nt-in-seattle/

Thanks for the report. As much as a lot of people will never be able to afford this Im sure all of us would not mind owning one, I know I could make room for this in my theater.

Steve thanks for that link. Finally some pictures
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This means that 4K should available for under about $30K sometime during 2010 for home use. Right on schedule! I think I was predicting under $10K by 2011 or 2012. They have to have something to keep the rich guys spending over $5K and products like the JVC and 1080p 1-chippers are making it harder to do that.
I guess it might be lumens but what does it look like the Sony 4K will have in comparison ?

Anyone know what meridian changes over the JVC product?
looks like they ship. That is a big change
Meridian assembles the projector at their factory in the UK. This allows them to make the proper alignments to the panels and ensure quality control over the optics and final assembly. William Phelps provides the calibration and custom software for proper gamma and color control. This is not a simple rebadge.

The processor is a Meridian speced chip set that is developed and programmed by Meridian and not a scaler purchased from the usual suspects.

What I saw was stunning. The "Patton" demo showed real depth and I was able to see deep into the image. The skin tone also appear extrememly lifelike. During the opening scene I saw the glue just above the pasted on eyebrows of George C. Scott. During the "Gladiator" demo I could make out the texture of the clothing and see the makeup swirling in the tears of the observers of Maximus' death. The resolution was second to none.

William had mentioned the white field uniformity was the best he had seen from any display. He also mentioned his software allowed him to draw out areas of detail he was excited to see. This is truly a spectacular product.
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Congratulations on such an interesting and positive first post.
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Originally Posted by mychec /forum/post/14128692

What I saw was stunning. The "Patton" demo showed real depth and I was able to see deep into the image. The skin tone also appear extrememly lifelike. During the opening scene I saw the glue just above the pasted on eyebrows of George C. Scott.

Did you also see the edge enhancement and the fake oversmooth CGI look?
we can buy today the sony 4k pr. 5000/10000/18000 lumen cr. 2500:1 250 ansi cr.

and soon the "t" model that will have hdcp.

we can buy today the jvc/barco/meridian.

3000 lumen at d65 cr. 12000:1 ansi cr. 340:1

only meridian will have hdcp.

or wait for the upcoming sony 4k consumer that have for sure cr. above 30000:1

but very likely only 1500-2000 lumens.

that one will have hdcp for sure and it will be not have big noise level for sure.

it will cost the half of the other and may only a quater of the meridian.

as art say may better for most to wait till the sony is out.

for me to bad.

the jvc is good in cr. but have not enough light for me.

the sony have that light

out i like (10000 lumen version) but it have no good cr.

with this 4k lcos i cant do 3d with shutter with only one pr. and i

always need 2 pr. a silverscreen with hot spot and shining partikles that i hate.

so i may will skip that 4k lcos and wait for the 4k dlp.

for most people a 1500 or 2000 lumen unit is ok you should wait

to see this sony 4k consumer first.

cedia is soon.......
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Is the Sony 4k to be shown at CEDIA sxrd based?

Do you count the arrival of 4k dlp in quarters or years?

Great stuff coming to the high end. I am hoping for solid state illumination at my equipment level.

Sorry for my ignorance but what Ftl would I expect with 1500- 2000 Lumen Sony 4K on a 12 foot wide 2:35 Micro Perf screen with projector to screen distance around 26 feet?


Originally Posted by Ohlson /forum/post/14129901


Is the Sony 4k to be shown at CEDIA sxrd based?

Do you count the arrival of 4k dlp in quarters or years?

Great stuff coming to the high end. I am hoping for solid state illumination at my equipment level.



Originally Posted by Ash Sharma /forum/post/14129960


Sorry for my ignorance but what Ftl would I expect with 1500- 2000 Lumen Sony 4K on a 12 foot wide 2:35 Micro Perf screen with projector to screen distance around 26 feet?


12 foot is about 4m wide.

so if this is right and you have a 1.0 gain and micro perf you should

get about good 14 ftl.for 1500 lumen.

add 30% for a 1.3 gain screen 18,5 ftl

and for 2000 lumen 19 ftl for a 1.0 gain and 24,7ftl for a 1.3 gain screen.

more distance will not change it.
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But if the xenon drops by 50% in light output after 700-800 hours that would drop the lumens greatly.

Sony should not deliver a product which Cannot deliver at least 24 Ftl over the life of the bulb in my kind of setup as this screen size is becoming common...
As I said earlier folks with screens 12' to 16' wide say are painted into a corner a bit.

The Sony will likely be a bit dim, if what we are hearing is accurate, while larger units will have other issues or be quite expensive. No doubt once you sit and enjoy 20fL or more it is going to be difficult to say half that is OK.

It would be great if Sony comes through with true 2000 lumens plus calibrated but we have to wait and see.Even then as Ash mentioned if it is like the Qualia it would be 1200 lumens at 250 hours.

Even if the Meridian is all it is said to be that is a lot of money if other units are knocking at the door for much less. The issue for me is one of obsolesence. Swapping projectors about every 18 months seems to be what one will need to do to stay close to current.

Just my take.

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