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So I've been looking around and asking questions here and elsewhere about the Toshiba DLPs as well as others. I decided on either the 62HM or MX and finally narrowed it down to the MX. Then time came to look for the best price. I thought Crutchfield would be about the lowest I would find. Their price on the tv alone isn't that great, but they are currently offering the stand for free. I almost ordered from them yesterday, however, they are out of stock on the stand and don't have an eta on it. Just for the heck of it, I decided I'd look at one place locally that sells the MX and has one on display, since I've only seen the HM and not the MX in person.

Long story short, they had the 62MX and the stand in stock. I scored the tv for XXXXXX, the stand for XXXXXX. Total including tax and delivery was only $55 more than Crutchfield, but with the warranty! Hopefully there won't be any issues with warranty service should I need to use it. If I only get a bulb out of it, its paid for itself!

I took the stand with me to assemble beforehand and the tv is being delivered Saturday. I think I scored a good deal. This was from a local chain with only a few stores on the West Coast. Don't know if I can say where or not on here so I won't. But feel free to pm me if interested.

Glad to soon to be joining the rest of you on here with a 62MX!

BTW, anyone had any experience with GE's extended warranties? Some companies are more difficult to work with than others. I'm hoping that since they're a well know, atleast semi-reputable company, I won't have many issues obtaining warranty service should I need it.

***UH OH, I just read the rules and I guess I broke one. Guess you're not supposed to post prices, so I edited them out before I get spanked!
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