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Just got my xbox 360 the other day and was excited to hear that I can network my home pc's with it and stream music and vids. Upon hearing that the tyrannical product managers at Microsoft only allows us to stream WMV files from a pc, decided to think of a different way to do it other than getting Windows MCE or Zune.

Looking at my options, was pretty much limited to using Tversity. After some noodling around on my router and such setting static IP and port forwarding, then as a last frustrating step trying to figure out why the server wasn't connecting - ended up being because both tversity and mediaserver.exe weren't added as exceptions in my firewall, got it all up and running on my laptop and desktop pcs.

As a test I watched Transporter in real video format, an AVI, a divx movie and a wmv movie and it all streamed pretty well - though of course some of the files that were ripped at lower rez look pretty crappy.

Wondering if there are file size limitations for streaming movies and/or rez for ripped movies? Pretty cool stuff though.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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