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Hello all.

I have been reading the AVS and Tivo forums for several years and have gotten much useful information.

I have finally been presented with a situation to install a dedicated home theater with the advent of the daughter moving out ƒº. I have a 12¡¦X12¡¦ spare bedroom that will be total empty at the end of the year and the O.K. from the wife to proceed with the project.

A quick layout of the room is:

All walls are 12¡¦ wide by 8¡¦ high.

South wall - (all drywall)

West wall - 3¡¦X4¡¦ window that can be totally covered to allow darkness

North wall - 32¡¨ wide entrance door in NE corner

East wall - 4¡¦ wide accordion doors for walk-in closet.

I would like to install a FP screen on the South wall and think I could fit a 80¡¨X45¡¨ screen with seating about 9 to 10 feet back (just my wife and myself). I reading posts on this forum and trying to do as much research as possible I have settled on a 16X9 DLP HD2 projector.

We have seen the Runco CL-710 and VX-1000ci at a local high-end dealer. The 710 was in a smaller room with a 80¡¨X45¡¨ Firehawk screen and the VX-1000ci in a larger room on a 106¡¨X60¡¨ Firehawk screen. I thought the VX-1000ci to be quite impressive but not needed for a 80¡¨X45¡¨ screen. The other issue for a room that size with a screen that size is the throw distance which may be the greatest deciding factor on projector selection.

I have seen several postings on the BenQ PE8700 and think it might be the best candidate since it has a throw listed of roughly 1.36 ¡V 1.66. This would allow me to ceiling mount the projector ten feet from the screen and get a picture of 80¡¨X45¡¨ and still have a foot behind the projector for cooling.

The viewing in the room will be DirecTV with the HD package, local HD channels and DVD.

I am open to any feedback or suggestions to help with my selection of DLP projectors. I am more or less open cost wise but feel the limiting factor is room size.


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