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Just Switched from Sony HD100 to Toshiba DST3000

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For all you poor soles still fighting with the Sony HD100, it's time to switch. Between the fan noise, and the lip synch problems, this unit caused me too much grief.

True it does auto-switch between 1080i and 480p depending upon the signal, and I was concerned about giving up this feature, however I found that this was not truly a benefit of the unit.

I switched to the Toshiba DST3000 and found the following benefits:

* The Toshiba easily receives Analog OTA channels as well as digital OTA - the setup is easy (The Sony did not receive Analog OTA)

* The fan is very silent

* The Toshiba allows you to easily import channel guides for OTA analog and digital and puts them side by side with their DirectTV counterparts on the channel guide - The setup entails the complex task of keying in your zip code!

* The Lip Synch problems completely disappeared!!!!!!!

The fact that the Toshiba always upconverts everything to 1080i, regardless of the signal source is not a problem to me. This needs some explaining as follows:

The Sony unit only needs one output (although it has several), that being the composite 3 color lumince connection directly into your digital TV/composite inputs on your HD-TV. The Sony unit would sense whether the signal was HD or SD and adjust the output accordingly - and display which format was being sent to the TV on the face of the unit. If you were receiving true 1080i, my Misu65 would automatically freeze the aspect ration on 16X9 and place black or grey bars on the sides if the image was not filling up the whole screen. Hitting the format button on the Mitsu had no effect in this mode. If you were receiving standard def, then the Mitsu would allow me to adjust the aspect ratio via the format button on the Mitsu, however the image was never really centered or even and the quality looked awful.

The Toshiba unit requires you to have multiple outputs, but not really (OK this sounds confusing). If you hook the composite connection from the Tosh to your HDTV, then you have to manually switch the unit to 1080i output (the unit comes factory configured to send signals this way). The Toshiba remote has an aspect ration button which switches between 16X9, 4X3 and stretched. Since my Mitsu does not allow you to switch aspect ratios on 1080i broadcasts, I must use the Toshiba remote to switch ratios, unless I use the alternate outputs on the Toshiba and switch the unit to 480p (i.e., the S-Video output). However, I found that if I leave the Toshiba aspect ratio on 4X3 and 1080i, then the unit will automatically switch the aspect ratio on true HDTV broadcasts to the fullest available. Also, on standard def 4X3, the unit is upconverting to 1080i which has the effect of smoothing the image quality, and the image is centered and sharp to boot (unlike the Sony).

So to summarize, the fact that it does not autoswitch is not really a detriment. I actually prefer it.

Time to give up on the Sony HD100! I'm glad I did.
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I thought there is no fan in the DST3000. I couldn't hear anything with mine...

Can you comment on the differences of video quality between Sony and Tosh? I found 2 issues with the Tosh which may or may not related to its design but the video sources:

1) the picture quality seems so soft (almost blurry) in 1080i upconverting mode, sometime it's easier to watch in 480i mode using S cable. 2) most of the HD channels have side bars. Pictures are stretched only in the vertical direction eg. peoples skinny and tall. The Tosh aspect control does not have any affect.

The only superb HD picture I got is the Jay Leno show. It fills up the 16:9 Sony plasma and the picture is super crisp. But the ratio are still wrong - peoples are skinny and tall...

Also, is there anyone could comment on the video "fingerprint"? I found that the Pana RP91 (480p) picture is deep black, film-like while the Tosh 1080i signal, as perfect as the Jay Leno show (via roof antena), doesn't have that film-like quality...
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There was no difference between the upconverted picture in the Sony and the Toshiba. When an image gets converted to 1080i, it has that soft look to it. Only true 1080i images are completely clear and crisp. I actually prefer the soft upconverted image to true 480p.

Your problem could be the way your screen displays images. Some HD broadcasts aren't true 16X9, but bigger than 4X3. When that happens (for example many shows on ABC and Fox), my Mitsubishi will display the correct aspect ratio, leaving black or grey bars on the side to fill the rest of the screen. YOU MUST SET THE ASPECT RATIO ON THE TOSHIBA TO NARROW (4x3) FOR THIS TO OCCUR. If you use one of the other aspect ratios (like the default aspect ratio) for the Toshiba, the picture will look stretched or compressed depending upon how it is broadcast.

The only exception to this is when the image is truly broadcast in HD 16X9. My Mitsu and the Toshiba won't even allow you to change the aspect ratio if the image is truly full 16X9.

It is true that the only NBC show that is truly broadcast in 16X9(before last week) is Jay Leno. Now, NBC broadcasts Crossing Jordan in HD 16X9. However, CBS broadcasts many shows in 16X9 as does ABC. Fox is behind and NBC is way behind. You can find out which shows are being broadcast in true HD 16X9 by subscribing to HDTV magazine at the following link:


Hope this helps.
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I owned the Toshiba - for 1 day - it was not compatabile with my 57xbr10w - waited for the Sony and everything was fine. Lip-sync problems are now non-existent - it is more of a local tech prob than the unit itself. Also the newer model sof the Sat hd100 have a muffled fan - 75%decrease in nois e- I knwo for a fact because I swithced my out last week -
Originally posted by bturkel
I owned the Toshiba - for 1 day - it was not compatabile with my 57xbr10w - waited for the Sony and everything was fine. Lip-sync problems are now non-existent - it is more of a local tech prob than the unit itself. Also the newer model sof the Sat hd100 have a muffled fan - 75%decrease in nois e- I knwo for a fact because I swithced my out last week -

How were you able to switch to a new machine? How long did you own your first one?


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Are you selling your HD-100?

farvque - where were you able to buy the DST3000 ? I live in Duluth. What's your signal strenght ?

Just placed an order for a Tosh 34HF81 at BB, now researching which STB, OTA and installer for OTA (also to repoint one of my DTV dishes from 101 to 119). Thank you. Now I have to go back to the search mode :).

If you haven't already, check out atlantadtv.org for both general and Atlanta-specific DTV and HDTV tips and information. Of particular interest to you might be the reception experiences (here) of some people in Atlanta -- including some references for installers.

I also have the Toshiba STB (DST-3000) and I'm quite happy with it.

Good luck.
There is a slight error in your post. The sony has three inputs,dtv,digital,and ANALOG OTA.Every STB has some kind of a issues when you read about them here and over on the Spot forum.We can all hope that when we go to Charles's new receiver, all of these problems will be fixed.
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