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Justbought a new LCD

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It's a 30 in powerspec, it was on sale at microcenter for [MSRP only please] and man it's the truth I'm not lying it even handles sd signals well and all hi-def is mind blowing and it has all the important connections. It was on display next to the new sharp 45 in and it really gave it a run for it's money they both looked fantastic. Any of you have this model?:cool:
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Originally posted by ErLupo
What brand was it?
PowerSpec I said that in my Original Post
Sorry about that... I didn't see that immediately... Did you compare it to the Syntax 30" that they were selling? How did it look compared?

as far as picture quality was concerned.
I haven't seen them side by side, but it would seem hard, based on specs alone. However, since I can't tell one way or the other, I will have to take your word for it. :-D
Man go check it out it gives my 43in dlp a serious run for it's money.
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