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After trying to live with problems on the Westinghouse 37" LCD I returned the second of two displays I obtained through BB and opted for the 40" JVC LCD and I'm very happy with the performance thus far. For those intersted in a discussion of this LCD TV here's the specs:

High Resolution W-XGA (1366 x 768) LCD

D.I.S.T. 770p (Digital Image Scaling Technology

Flicker Free High Resolution Picture

NEW Digital 5 Point Color Management

ATSC/QAM and Digital CableCard Capable (Digital Cable Ready)

EPG (Easy Programming Grid)

16:9 Aspect Ratio

HD Range LCD Driver

800:1 Contrast Ratio

500 cd/m2

170 Degree Vieving Angle

15 mSec Responce Time

75MHz Digital Super Detail (DSD)

Natural Cinema (3-2 Pulldown)

Panorama, Cinema, Full and Regular Aspect Modes

HD EZ Fill (Cinema Zoom and HD Panorama)

Auto VNR (Video Noise Reduction)

Color Temperature

Single Tuner Split Screen w/Zoom and POP with 12 Channel Multi-Indexing

White Character Correction Circuitry

Digital Noise Clear Circuitry

5 Video Status Modes - Theater/Dynamic/Game/Standard/TheaterPro D6500K

HDMI/HDCP Digital Input

Dual IEEE 1394 Connectivity

Smart Input

1 Side Auto Sencing Component Video Input

2 Side S-Video Inputs

3 Side AV Inputs

RF Input

Front Firing Speakers

MTS Stereo w/dBX

BBE High Definition Audio

Advanced Hyper Surround

Active Hyper Bass

Black Level Expansion

High Contrast Icon Based On Screen Display

XDS ID Display

XDS Auto Clock Set

Interactive Plug-in Menu

Multi-function Timer

Sleep Timer

10 Minute Auto Shut-off

Front Panel Lock


Channel Guard


Hyper Scan High Speed Channel Changer

Illuminated Universal Remote Control

Width 39 3/8"

Height 26 1/2"

Depth 4 1/4"

Weight 69.3 lbs.

1yr Parts and 1yr Labor Warranty

Memory Card Slot (SD, Compact Flash, Everio Compatible (see JVC Digital Media Camara), Memory Stick

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Well it seems as if you were looking to use the Westy as a tv as opposed to a monitor. I found the picture a bit soft as well (scaling issues) when in full screen viewing mode as a tv. However, as a computer monitor (even with cable tv inset on PIP mode), this set is amazing from my experience.

I'm curious what kinds of problems you had with the Westy? Also since I've also been considering the JVC, how about providing a review of it (not just a list of features).

How is the picture under standard def television? Do the rather unrefined menus bother you? How about the sleep and wake timers, have you tried them yet (I like the idea of a wake timer for bedroom use). Which remote do you use (I have a Harmony 880 and am hoping that the Sceptre will work alright with it). I'm pretty sure that the JVC will as it has discreet access to virtually all it's functions.

Any and all comments would be great! If the Sceptre doesn't work out, I'll likely be giving the JVC a go.

Best of luck with it and thanks in advance for the insights.

Cheers mate :)

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Ditch: You and I sound like we share some interesting items. I use an HD CRT as a monitor for my computer in the living room and the new JVC in my bedroom for same and both units are contolled by Harmony 880's. The Harmony bailed me out as the JVC floor model was absent a remote, but the manual was there. Spent most of last programming the Harmony to my taste for the JVC.

The JVC menu is a hell of a lot better than the Sharp and the circuitry options along the lines of gamma, color maintenance, and picture stability work well. It is a better monitor than the Westy and is far better in SD performance. That being said I have never seen a flat panel perform even close to my CRT in that respect. In the past five years I've had five HD CRT's and now three LCD's come through my doors.....I'm picky! Good OTA performance via ATSC tuner that matches the OTA tuners in my BEV and *E receivers with equal signal strength and equal PQ.

With regard to the Harmony I get around the lack of macro capability by teaching certain functions under a specific device....the wife loves that....helps keep peace in the house.

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I have the westy which works perfectly as a PC monitor, but I'd definitely pick up the JVC 1080p 40 inch when it comes out later this year. I'd be curious to hear how much better your JVC LCD's black levels are then the westy's.

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Doc: The answer is significantly better and with regard to 1080p having had the Westy I find no appreciable difference with the JVC running 1080i signal from BEV and *E to the JVC.
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