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Hey guys, how's everyone doin' tonight?

So I just found a sweet JVC 36" CRT Tube TV sitting outside a goodwill in perfect condition.. and of course when I finally get it home, it doesn't work. Why else would they dump it?...

Anyway, I know there's life in her.. it's only 8 years old, and is in great cosmetic shape.

Let me explain the symptoms:

1.) When I plug in the TV, it automatically turns on by itself... (I don't have to press the power button). It also makes the normal sound of a CRT TV turning on, "boing".

2.) There's no picture or sound... It will then start to make a slight "click, click, click" noise.. which sound like it want's to turn on (I believe you guys call this the "relay" sound?)

3.) While it's making the clicking noise... the LED power light flashes endlessly. The clicking noise finally stops after 15 or 20 clicks.

4.) At this point, the TV is unresponsive... I can't turn it off, I can't change the channel, nothing... even with a remote control it won't do anything at all. I then have to unplug it to turn it off.

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated... I will buy you your favorite beer.

I'd like to try and fix this myself if I can. Anyone know where I can find schematics for TV's? People on other forums (To crappy to even name) have mentioned that it might be some bad caps around the Relay Coil? My question is.. what does the relay coil actually look like?

I bought a multimeter to test for bad caps, but I found out now that this won't give me accurate readings on caps, and the I need an ESR capacitor meter.... but man they are expensive!

If anyone out there can shine some light on all this for me, I'd really appreciate it.

Another thing of note: When I found the TV, the Power button was pushed in and not usable. I've since then gone into the TV and fixed that with crazy glue (only gluing Plastic on plastic).


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