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Hello i have a 2.5 year old jvc rpt #av48p776. i have two questions about problems i am having.

1. This tv is supposed to have HDMIwith HDCP support, but i finally bought a Toshiba A3 HD-DVD player and when using the HDMI port with a HD-DVD the screen goes blank. Video works with component, just not over HDMI. I have updated the player to firmware version 3.0 but that did not help. JVC tech support said maybe the HDMI board is bad, but non HDCP content displays fine. Anyone have any suggestions as this stinks since i also just bought a HK AVR 247( which does not seem to like SD or HD content over HDMI to the TV) specifically for use with HDMI as well.

2. I was checking out the service menu self check on the advice from a friend to see if it showed any errors on the HDMI port, and i do not think i touched anything but now i see a small green plus sign or crosshair in the center of my screen, it does not mater what input i am on it is always there. Do you think i must have hit something to turn it on, i have not toticed it until i had these HDMI issues? Anyone know how to turn it off? I also had an error show up in the self check for the AIO and the IP areas they both said NG and then a number. Does anyone know what these codes mean or have a list with the NG numbers as well?

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