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I would like to sell my JVC DLA-HD350 projector.

- remote, manual, power plug included

- 2 lamps: 1 lamp with approx. 2000 hours (its still working) and 1 new lamp wich has 3 hours only!!!

- it works with Europe and US power plugs.

The problem:

The screen left side has a blue color and the right has a yellow color. In the middle of the screen is ok. The picture is bright, colofull and sharp and very movie like. See the pictures!

One thing: afert 5 minutes the machine shuts down.

The other functions of this projector are ok. The motorized lens shift, zoom, and focus work flawless.

- LCD technology

- Full HD

- 30:000 native contrast (whitout using dinamic iris)!

- 1000 lumens brightness

- motorized lens shift, zoom, focus

- 19 dB in normal and about 24 dB nose level in high mode

I can accept paypal and i can ship anywhere. (i live in Europe, Hungary)

Sold as is, not returns!

Please make an offer!
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