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Used, but pampered, RS15 for sale. Smoke-free home, original owner.

Original remote and manual included.

Also including an authentic, brand-new JVC BHL 5010-S replacement lamp with projector. The new lamp is worth at least $200+ on its own! The original lamp with almost 3000 hours is still in the projector.

GREAT 2D picture! The unit was well-converged to begin with, and then it was professionally ISF calibrated. However, my kids are telling me (demanding??) that we go 3D and I have been told by the power that be we are not to have 2 projectors at once

Thus, I am selling this marvel of projectors and moving on. Keep in mind, that this projector had a 2 year warranty that has now ended, and the picture is now showing a very narrow, vertical magenta stripe along the far left side when ceiling mounted. This has not been an issue at all since I just zoom the pic a whisker...and voila!!...line is gone, and once again, classic JVC pic at its best! Pics illustrating this are above. As you can see, the slightly zoomed pic is still great, and that is using a lamp with almost 3000 hours on it! If you can find a better 2D pic than this and new lamp included for under 600, then I don't know why you're reading this far. Please keep in mind that all adjustments are a breeze since the zoom, focus, lens cover, and numerous other adjustments are motorized!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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