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Less than six months old for Sale $5,499

The DLA-RS600 is JVC's top-of-the-line D-ILA home theater projector. Built with hand-selected and hand-tested components, we've upgraded the lamp and optical system to deliver 1900 lumens without sacrificing JVC's industry leading native contrast ratio of 150,000:1.

6th generation D-ILA devices, refined wire grid polarizer and "Clear Black" technology, along with an Intelligent Lens Aperture, deliver a breathtaking 1.5 million to 1, dynamic contrast ratio.

Images are projected with 4K precision thanks to JVC's upgraded "e-shift4" technology which now accepts native 4K input signals through an 18 Gbps HDMI/HDCP2.2 input.

All this translates to the most dramatic master-quality images ever produced on a home theater projector—and now on screens larger than ever.

Extraordinary Picture Quality
- 1900 Lumens with High Power Lamp (PK-L2615U) —NEW for 2016
- 265W High / 200W Normal
- 150,000:1 Native Contrast Ratio
- Intelligent Lens Aperture increases dynamic contrast ratio to 1,500,000:1
- 6th generation 0.7-inch D-ILA devices
- e-shift4 4K Precision 3840 X 2160 Projected Image —Upgraded feature
- Dual Full Speed 18Gbps HDMI/HDCP 2.2 Compatible Inputs —Upgraded feature
- Compatible with full spec native 4K signals such as 4K60p 4:4:4 4K60p - 4:2:2/36bit and 4K24p 4:4:4/36bit
- Compatible with 4K streaming devices and UHD BD content
- Compatible with DCI Color Space
- HDR (High Dynamic Range) Compatible —NEW for 2016!
- Multi Pixel Control (MPC) with Auto Mode for ease of use —Improved
MPC works with 4K60P (up to 4:4:4) signals

- Clear Black processing (Patent pending)
- Motion Enhance (2D, 3D, 4K) with Clear Motion Drive —Upgraded
- THX® 3D Certified
- ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) Licensed— Quality installers can calibrate projector to your room

Highly customizable
- sRGB, DCI and x.v. Color space
- Darkness and lightness correction
- Lens memory function memorizes 10 positions for focus, zoom and shift.
- Maintains constant height for 2.35, 1.85, 1.78 on same screen.
- Screen Mode Presets for different screen material (117 memory positions)
- Convergence Correction - 1/16th Pixel Increments (2 memory positions)
- Simplified 6-Axis Color Management System—NEW for 2016
- Manual Gamma Control included with JVC Calibration Software 6—NEW for 2016
- Control4 SDDP (Simple Device Discovery Protocol)—NEW for 2016

Stunning 3D Performance with RF active shutter glasses (optional)
- Advanced 3D Crosstalk Cancellation Control
- 3D Anamorphic Mode
- Parallax adjustment for fine tuning 3D effect
- Accepts all modern 3D formats (Blu-ray, side-by-side, top-and-bottom)

Optimum Flexibility and Convenience
- Remote control via LAN, RS-232C, IR
- 12V Screen Trigger Output
- V: 80%/H: 34% motorized lens shift
- 1.4:1 to 2.8:1 lens throw






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Good luck with the sale! Shouldn't last long at that price...

What will be the replacement? Laser?

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