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JVC DR-MX1 & DR-M10 rebooting problems.

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I've had such bad problems with the JVC DVD recorders in the past. I have 3 of them and two M10s and one MX1 and they all have the same problem. Sometimes when you are recording it will just reboot itself in the middle of recording, and it keeps just saying "LOADING" until you unplug it. You leave it unplugged for maybe 24 hours and it works OK for a few months and then you have that problem again. I've sent them into JVC many times and they keep saying it needs a firmware upgrade and that they will upgrade the firmware and the problem will go away and it never does. Anybody have this kind of experience? The JVC technical people don't seem to know what they are doing... Thank you for your help and time... Steve
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Someone over at videohelp.com is having the same problem. In his post is a link to a long thread talking about your exact problem. Heres the link to the latest post.

These are older models notorious for this problem: you are lucky it only happens to you "every few months". They can be fixed by JVC, but JVCs repair does not usually "stick" on these models. Your best bet is to comb the Videohelp threads for info on the do-it-yourself repair, and if you're handy with a soldering iron you can make these babies reliable for about $3 worth of Radio Shack parts.

Personally, I wouldn't bother. Its simpler just to buy a second-hand DRM-100 (dvd-only) or DRMV5 combo (same as drm100 with a VHS recorder). These are better-designed to begin with and are available cheaply ($50 or less) due to JVCs rotten reputation. Good units with great encoders and recording quality.

Do note however *all* JVCs are a bit flaky, at some point once-twice-three times a year they will hang with the LOADING display. (LOADING just means "help!", it doesn't always mean meltdown.) Generally the symptom is a static picture and no response to the remote. The cure is to do a reset or pull the plug. It seems their microprocessors trip over themselves very easily, especially if you have AC power issues (use a surge suppressor for sure). There are JVC fanatics who flat-out deny this but it is true, I can confirm by my hundreds of hours using various models and so can others. These are EXCELLENT recorders, with encoding features found on no other machines, but they are fragile. Kinda like owning Fiat Spyder. Great for tape dubbing or other monitored recordings, not so hot for timer recording of once-in-a-lifetime broadcasts.
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