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My GZ-MG30 won't charge unless plugged in. I came home and it was working fine with the battery but it wasn't charging when plugged in and when the battery died it wouldn't turn on, I dropped the charger earlier, and this was probably the cause. I tried to combine two chargers together stripping them and connecting the wires, and it worked! But now the battery wouldn't charge, and the camera wouldn't operate on battery when I unplugged it from the wall. I got a new battery and a new charger for that battery(that connects to the wall and charges the battery only.) It still doesn't work, and the camera doesn't detect that it has a battery in it. I cleaned the gold pin connectors too, doesn't work. I think I might have done something to the camera and its communication with the battery when I used the wrong voltage to charge it. Is there any way to fix this????
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