JVC has announced its latest firmware update that applies to its DLA-NX5, DLA-NX7, DLA-NX9, DLA-RS1000, DLA-RS2000 & DLA-RS3000 projectors. With this free update, JVC owners will receive an improved implementation of Frame Adapt HDR, as well as a new feature called Theater Optimizer.

JVC says the Frame Adapt HDR function builds on the dynamic tone mapping prowess of the original release (October 2019). The company says "With the updated version, 4K HDR10 streaming, games and Blu-ray content are automatically adjusted for optimized brightness, color and detail on a frame by frame or scene by scene basis."

By analyzing peak brightness levels in source material, Frame Adapt HDR is able to optimize settings for individual frames or scenes, in real time without user intervention. However, there is easy user adjustability, JVC says it responded to user requests by increasing the number of Strength settings for Frame Adapt HDR From 3 to 5.

The Theater Optimizer Takes information provided by the installer or integrator or user including screen size and gain. It is able to calculate lens zoom, lamp condition and other settings and adjust the projector for optimum performance, taking this all into consideration. It works in conjunction with Frame Adapt HDR to maximize the performance of each individual projector within the given viewing environment.

JCS notes "18-bit level gamma processing is maintained while the feature is in use, bringing out deeper blacks in darker scenes, and higher peak whites in brighter scenes, along with the most realistic color, to reproduce high precision images with smooth gradations."

Firmware Upgrade Summary:

1. Theater Optimizer smart function, analyzes the usage environment for each user, and displays
HDR content with optimum brightness.*

2. New Settings & Menu Structure

  • Brightness levels settings are increased to five steps for the Frame Adapt HDR function (was previously three steps).
  • New Content Type menu, which displays usable Picture Mode based on each input signal.
  • Only the Picture Mode matching the input signal can be selected, preventing image distortion due to gamma and color gamut mismatch.
  • Function which automatically switches to the optimal Color Profile according to the color gamut information of the content.
  • Added Auto Pic. Mode Select function transitions according to each input signal (SDR/3D/HDR10/HLG).
*Theater Optimizer function is valid only in "Frame Adapt HDR" picture mode.

JVC says this firmware update will roll out in mid-November 2020