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I bought this TV from Tiger direct over a week ago and they have been giving me the run around about it not being shipped yet. Today they are telling me that it is on the truck and I should be getting a tracking number later today (they told me yesterday I would be getting a tracking number last night/this morning).

So I go on to the site to see if perhaps they were out of stock on the TV and that is why they were giving me the run around. IE just to stall me till they got more. So upon going to the site I could not find the TV. I went to my order and it says it is in the warehouse shipping. I click the link to my TV and it says the TV is no longer availible.


Is this a bad thing? Did something happen with the line of TV's? Did give out moe of a deal on the TV they should have and now trying to recupe? The TV was considerably less than anywhere else for sure.
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