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Originally Posted by Havic
I'm having a problem and I'm not sure if its my HTPC or my DVI/HDMI cable or my 61Z786.

Anyway I'm trying to connect a PC to my new 61Z786 via a ATI 9800 Pro (not an AIW). I set my 9800 to force 720P on the DVI port. I get a brief image on the 61Z786 then both my VGA monitor I have hooked up and the 61Z786 go blank for a second then both turn back on for a couple of seconds. This process keep repeating off then on, off then on. Once I yank the DVI cable off the video card my VGA stabilizes. If I only have the DVI/HDMI cable in it start flashing again. On the computer it detects the TV and shows its name but I can’t get a stable image while it is connected to the PC.

I have different video card that can do HDTV Component (Y/Pr/Pb) and it works okay, but I get a lot of black borders. I'd like to watch a digital signal if possible.

So any ideas where the problem is?

I am having the exact same problem.

JVC HD52G886 tv (52")

Build Date: June 2005

Video Card: Radeon 9600 XT

Driver: Catalyst 5.4 with control center

Powerstrip: No


Cable Type: Belkin Pure AV HDMI-to-DVI Video Cable.

If you don't mind replying, if the HDMI input is working for you, what kind of cable

do you have, Monster, Belkin or another?

Which input on the card did you use? The XT has one VGA connector and one HDMI connector. On the XT I used the single HDMI obviously.

Do you have the 52", 56" or 61" ? Are the guts of the 3 models the same?

I have tried Catalyst version 5.7, 5.8 (the latest) and now 5.4, which someone was using successfully.

Thank You.
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