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I recently purchased a jvc hd-61z456-aa 2005 production not working for dirt cheap. Bulb was blown put in a new one and it works.

Picture was really bad. Obvious dirt in system. I took it all the way apart except for the light engine and cleaned it. This thing was the dirtiest tv i have ever seen. All the system fans had this thick brown residue witch was not cigarette smoke herb neither and almost completely plugged. Almost 2 inches of dust bunnies in the power board. Everything just encrusted.

After cleaning It still has a really bad picture. Looks like what dust causes to a standard rptv after several years. Blurring on white screens ect. The brown sticky stuff and dust is definitely in the light engine. I want to clean it but have been told before to never open these.

Can it be cleaned safely or will opening the unit destroy it? Can i clean the actual dlp chips? What with? Spray alcohol? Can anyone point me to a service manual for this model to see the light engine blow up? Maybe i can do a partial dismantle and at least clean all the lenses.

I also noticed a small 40mm fan that cools an ati chip on the hdmi board. Would placing a ram heatsink on it be a good idea? This board its on was encrusted in dust and shows signs of high temps. Figured while im in i might as well improve it. Any cooling mods recommended?

Is there a dedicated thread for this chassy tv? I have searched and all seem to be newer or better models. Is this an oddball with few produced? Any firmware upgrades for it?
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