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Using a JVC JS-X555 in my setup ( see my pictures in the forum gallery ) and am having a small problem with composite input from the VCR. Actually I'm having the same problem from ANY component hooked up via non s-video composite on all three of the inputs with such - I get a herringbone patterned interference on the TVs upstairs (fed through pictured RCA RF converter). The same component with a s-video connection works just fine (unfortunately the VCR pictured doesn't have one)

All the inputs on the switcher are being used and it's a combination of component and s-video when possible and then non -svideo composite with the VCR. All the other components work fine on the TVs upstairs.

So far I've diagnosed as follows:

Sent signal from several different VCRs on all available inputs - same problem on all.

Sent signal from a VCR hooked up directly to the RF converter - problem goes away (omitting the RF converter and the RG-6 going upstairs as the problem).

Replaced composite cable from switcher to the RF converter - problem exists.

Hooked up component exhibiting the problem through front inputs on a component subsequently connected to the switcher via s-video (Liteon DVD) - problem not there.

Turned off all other equipment connected to switcher except the VCR - problem still there.

So it looks like it's a composite signal problem and I honestly don't remember it being there until I reconfigured my system this last time. It's now different than pictured in that I now have a TWC HD DVR box (which now sits where the Liteon did), the Liteon was moved to where the VCR is in the picture, and the VCR now sits under the switcher.

I think what it's going to take is disconnecting absolutely everything connected to the switcher and then reconnecting things one at a time, starting with the VCR, until the problem exhibits itself again, but I thought that just maybe one of you have the same switcher and have seen this behavior before.
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