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I purchased a JVC MG-330 enviro hard disc camcorder a couple months ago. First off this is a rugged camcorder, but really that is about all I can say that I like about it.

My first problem is when playing back video on my 52 inch Toshiba regza LCD TV. I set the camcorder to 16:9 aspect, and went directly to the TV input using the supplied AV cable that plugs into the top side of the camera. But on playback I am getting only a 4:3 image out of the camera leaving black bars on the set when in Natural mode. I fully expected it to fill the screen without stretching the image. Not sure why and need some help here.

Is there anyway of changing the thumbnail structure. This cam creates a thumbnail for each time the camera shoots after pause mode. I would like to set the camera up to create only one thumbnail per day. So that the thumbnail is date sensitive.

The negatives go on, but to keep them short, one thing that bothers me greatly is the time lag between pause and record. It seems to take forever to shoot again after pausing waiting for the cam to load.

However, as an entry level camera this one will do.
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