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Well my trusty old NEC LT150 just died

So I've narrowed my search to these 2 projectors.. RS2 and the PT-AE3000u

Mostly movies at night so the lower brightness of the RS2 is not that big a deal.

Seems that the RS2 was best in class in the high end category in 2008 and the AE3000 is best in class in the medium category in 2009.

I'm a little worried about the dust blobs in the AE3000.

Any issues at all with the RS2?

It would be nice to see these side by side but that is not going to happen.

Price of the RS2 is about $450 more.



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The RS2 will be significantly brighter in calibrated mode and have better blacks than the Panny, however there's no way to correct the RS2's highly oversaturated gamut without an external CMS.

The Panny can throw more lumens if D65 accuracy isn't crucial (i.e. sports), can perform frame interpolation if you like that, and has the lens memory for zoom-based CIH. It also uses Panasonic's smoothscreen technology which some people (myself included) say softens the image too much, but YMMV.

I own an FPJ1 (RS2 clone) and I'm lucky enough to have an external CMS so the gamut issue is null. I've only seen a Panny in action once, but I know that I personally hate the frame interpolation for movies, it's ok for TV and nice for sports. I was impressed with the picture, but for $450 more I personally like the picture that the RS2 throws better.

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Likely a lot less color uniformity issues on the RS2 versus the LCD one.

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