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First of all, is the x7 and x9 really the same as the Rs60u and Rs65u? It's pretty confusing when different sites cite different contrast ratios. Secondly would you prefer an Rs65u for $1500 vs $1000 for the x7?

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Here is a list of JVC's. I don't see a 65u listed but assume it's a year newer then an x9. Personally I wouldn't pay those prices of either. x35/rs46 is the oldest I would buy and should sell for under $1k us definitely not over.

JVC Models – Consumer vs Professional line
2017 – 2018
DLA-X990R / RS640
DLA-X790R / RS540
DLA-X590R / RS440
JVC Projectors Jan 2017
DLA-X970R / RS620
DLA-X770R / RS520
DLA-X570R / RS420
JVC Projectors Cedia 2015 – end of 2016
DLA-X950R / RS600
DLA-X750R / RS500
DLA-X550R / RS400

JVC D-ILA home theater projectors – Cedia 2013 – Cedia 2015

DLA-X95R/DLA-RS66 Cedia 2012 - 2013
DLA-X55R/DLA-RS48 / RS4810

X70R = RS55 Cedia 2011
X30 = RS45

X9 = RS60 Cedia 2010
X7 = RS50
X3 = RS40

HD990 = RS35 Cedia 2009 - 2010
HD950 = RS25
HD550 = RS15

HD750 = RS20 Cedia 2008 - 2009
HD350 = RS10
HD100 = RS2X Dec. 2007

HD1= RS1U March 2007
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RS65 is the X90. In good condition, I would say it’s worth around 1000$. Unfortunately, the market for used JVC’s is overpriced. The RS65 will give you 4K resolution using e-shift technology; people say it can get noisy. As posted above, X35 and newer will give a brighter image. Generally speaking, if your screen is around 100” max, and if you’re not for a very bright image, you should be fine with the older models while the lamp is new.

If you’re searching on the US market, you can find better prices than those.

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