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JVC RX-8020VBK and no sound card???

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Howdy all.

I have new projector (PLV-Z2) all set up so now its time to build my HTPC.

first question is.....

I have a JVC RX-8020VBK receiver and it has a USB input on the front does anyone have one of these and if so does it take the place of your sound card ??? or does it only play 5.1 / DD / DTSES from dvd and not from games???



trying to build first HTPC from scrap.
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anyone ...anyone ... bueller....
I have the same receiver. No you don't need a soundcard at all, simply plug a USB cable from receiver to your HTPC. I don't know about the games since I don't play them, but it plays my MP3 collection and WAV files on the hard drive just fine so I would think so.

Hope this helps.

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