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JVC RX-DP20 THX Receiver

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Anyone have any experience with JVCs higher end receivers.. RX-DP9/10/20... I can get a really good deal on the 20 lists for $2,499.. can pick one up for around 1k... 120 x7 high current amp.. THX Ultra 2, DTS ES, PLII.. all the goodies. Sound and Vision did a great review in the last issue.. Seems like a LOT of receiver for the $$. If anyone has experience with one of these, I'd love some comments. By the way, I'm using Klipsch Reference speakers so you know.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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I think Sound & Vision (or similar mag) recently reviewed this JVC. I would be curious, too, about what people on this forum say about this one.
Originally posted by yamaklipsch
I can get a really good deal on the 20 lists for $2,499.. can pick one up for around 1k...

I assume these fell off the truck? Can you pick one up for me too?
That price for the RXDP20 is WELL below dealer cost, so I guess it did fall off a truck. The JVC units are fabulous values...sound great, well-equipped, BIG and BEEFY.

I have a THX Ultra-certified DP10, it's terrific, albeit it doesn't have all the latest surround modes (no skin off my back, actually). The DP20 has the couple of newer ones missing (like DTS 96/24), but the one glaring omission left over from the DP10 that they didn't fix is....lack of audio delay control.

For many people this is not an issue, but if you have an outboard video processor it can be one at times due to the delay introduced by the video processing.

Otherwise, go for it!

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