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I recently acquired a JVC SR-VDA300US Pro-HD mastering recording on eBay and am very curious if there is anybody reading this who knows something about them.

For reference they are a modified JVC HM-30000U with an ASI input rather than 1394 Firewire intended for making recordings of ASI contained material, largely in the movie industry for distributing daily rushes. In their default configuration they record this content in a format compatible only with a SR-VD400U player and can record it with specific encryption keys for a particular group of players.

Internally they seem to consist of a ASI to Firewire converter tied to the Firewire input of the normal HM-30000U cpu module and special firmware for that module.

So far I have determined that the unit I bought on Ebay works fine for recording and playing back one-PES ASI streams but fails for muxed transport streams that contain multiple PESes. However, it seems that it will not play DVHS tapes made on another HM-30000U (gives a Calibrating 201 error) nor will the other DVHS deck play its tapes (it gives a Calibrating 202 error). Nothing in the user or service manual says the thing should not be willing to play at least a non 5C DVHS recording.

Obviously there is a very evident menu for inputting magic service mode codes, and I suspect that may enable more compatibility...

But if there is anyone out there familiar with this beast (and especially its magic) I'd appreciate learning more (private mail is fine).... and by way of oddity - mine had the flex circuit connecting the analog heads (not the digital heads) partly cut and unplugged and the ASI stuff disconnected when I got it... looked like deliberate sabotage, but you never know with Ebay specials...
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