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I've been researching my new TV for awhile now. I've gone from Plasma to LCD and back. i then decided on RPTV because i'm a young guy and don't care about the aesthetics of the unit, just the size and PQ.

i'm between the JVC HD-61FN97 and Toshiba TOSHIBA 62HM196

consumer reports gives the toshiba the upper hand but i'm interested in the JVC technology.

i've never noticed RBE but if i were to i'd simply take the unit back.

however i'd like to know which unit would give a better PQ in most situations. i'll be viewing both HD and SD in equal amounts.

basically i'm asking if the JVC technology advancement is worth their lack of quality control compared to the Toshiba unit which gets great reviews. they're both the exact same price where i'm at so i'm up in the air.

i know opinions vary, but i'm looking for the basic facts.

i'd appreciate any info that owners or any video fanatics could give me.
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