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KABC is Looking for Signal Feedback!

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In doing my rounds for the PSIP issue on the new Samsung T165, I spoke to most of the engineers from LA TV last week. All HD nets, except Fox, has corrected their time codes on PSIP and KCET re-mapped to 28.1.

One of the engineers at KABC is looking to correct any problems with their digital signal. So if you could chirp in, good news or bad, I will forward to him as they are currently working on it.

Please provide approximate location when replying.
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I live in northern Rancho Santa Margarita in Orange County and I consistently get all of the LA digital stations, but I do have more problems with KABC than any of the other stations. What is strange is I notice more problems with non-HD material, anything I watch in HD is usually rock solid.

I know one of the engineers monitors this forum, so I suspect just posting to this thread will give them the info.

Sherman Oaks, just north-east of 405 & 101, good solid reception

Still hate the 14:9 aspect ratio on upconverts though.

San Diego, east of Del Mar and just west of Poway in Rancho Penasquitos.

I get all of the LA stations at a signal strength of 100, except for KABC, which comes in in the 80s. Mostly good reception and the DD 5.1 audio was superior to KGTV-DT, the ABC affiliate here in San Diego, although it appears that they've finally got it right in the last couple of months.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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