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Kaleidescape Intros 1080p Upconverting Players to ‘Rival Blu-ray’

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Kaleidescape Intros 1080p Upconverting Players to Rival Blu-ray'

By Arlen Schweiger
Kaleidescape says its $4,295 1080p Player and $2,995 1080p Mini Player offer a viewing experience mainstream audiences will find on par with Blu-ray.

Media server provider Kaleidescape is continuing to bank on consumers' satisfaction with standard DVD, for now. Though the company is working toward pushing out a Blu-ray player next year, this year's big product still fully integrates with Kaleidescape's robust organizational system for your movies and music.

The company has announced two movie players that give your DVD collection the upconversion treatmentthe 1080p Player and the 1080p Mini Playerand are straightforward in saying that these will be just as good as Blu-ray for the non-videophile mainstream viewer.

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