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I missed the first 45 minutes of this Friday, so caught it in entirety Saturday 3/21.
FRIDAY, 3/20 at 9pm EST -- Miracles Out Of Nowhere is the documentary film that tells the uplifting true story of the classic rock band KANSAS and its climb from impossible obscurity to stadium headliners. Directed by Emmy-nominated Charley Randazzo, the documentary features the original KANSAS lineup, revisiting Topeka together for the first time in more than 30 years, where music mogul Don Kirshner first discovered them. Miracles Out of Nowhere also features interviews with country music icon Garth Brooks, legendary Queen guitarist Brian May, acclaimed producer Brendan O'Brien, Rolling Stone journalist David Wild, and more.
I graduated 1980, grew up listening to Kansas, but never really knew their "story", what a great one it is!

Who else saw this? Thoughts/comments?
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I recorded it and watched it over the weekend. It was very good, although it did end when they started having internal issues and broke up. I've listened to Kansas since their first album and first saw them play at a small community college in PA near where I lived in '74-75ish. I stopped paying attention after PONR. I knew Livgren was a prolific song writer but not going home one day and come back the next with a brand new song. :) Plus, I had a bubble burst when they let the cat out of the bag and said Don Kirshner's Rock Concert wasn't filmed in front of an audience.
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