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In need of some help please with my Sony STR DN1050 AV Receiver. I am trying to hook up karaoke so I can see the lyrics on the projector screen via a Optoma 141HD X projector which is hooked up through my AV Receiver. I have a lap top PC hooked up the AV Receiver via HDMI using the SA/CD port. I can get the sound and video with this connect. However, I have the computer hooked up to a mixer so I can use my wireless microphones. The problem is I can get my mics to work while the HDMI video is playing. If I turn the HDMI video off and switch to the analog connection I can get the mic to work.

My goal is to be able to see the video and and heart the karaoke music whil also being able to sing the song using the mic. Is there any feedback anyone can offer to get this to work? It seems the issue is I can output both the video and mic sounds at the same time.
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