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I fell in love with K-horns the first time I heard them in 1971. Skip ahead nearly a quarter century, and number one son was a salesman in a local hifi salon. I thought I'd upgrade my HT - and bought the first of what I thought would be a roomful of Klipsch. Sadly, my son left the retail world (He's now a pilot for a bank!) - I hurriedly bought four Polk Monitors and my one K. - a KV-2 cc speaker. Well, I pulled the KV-2 from service last year, replacing it with my fifth Infinity P363 and Polk PSW-505 subwoofer LR HT. I have three room stereo's now - my wife's, with another pair of those P363's (Hey, they were $99 with free 2-day s/h!), my office, and my hobby/train room (Bonus room over the garage.). My office was my main interest - my wife's office was good - and the hobby room would get 'recycled' equipment, anyway.

My office stereo got a serious upgrade over it's repurposed Yamaha RX-V480 AVR and DVD turned CD player with just a pair of new Onkyo's - a C7030 CD player & TX8020 2ch 50Wpc receiver - and a pair of recycled HT speakers (P163's - another set was in the hobby room.) Then - Amazon had the KB-15's for $130 a pair. Reasoning that they, at that price, could be used as external speakers with my shortwave receivers, I ordered a pair - wow! They were at that price again last month... poof, another pair - the hobby room deserves it! I know it isn't a real compression horn - but it's close. Great dispersion - fairly decent midrange for a two way. It's hard to believe that bass comes from just a 5.25" LF driver. I can still A-B the 6.5" LF driver equipped Infinity P163's with the KB-15's - the larger speakers do produce more bass - and have more hangover, too. They are front ported vs the Klipsch's rear port. The Klipsch are more efficient, too. As my 'real' intro to Klipsch speakers... I am impressed. Sadly, they are PRC-made - my KV-2 (and the old Polk Monitors, for that matter!) was made here. But I am a realist - PRC-made is 'ok'... the US-made Klipschs are great - even the Heresys - and a pipe dream for me for now. I am elated at my 'entry' Klipschs' performance.
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