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KBK are you still planning Dila paint?

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I have been watching the latest grey screen trend and it seems as if there are more true believers every day. I have a Da-lite 16x9 110" 1.3 matte screen that I now use and think is fine. I also have a spare of the same that I would like to experiment with different gain or shades of grey. Will you be making a colour specific paint for Dila ? If yes I would be interested and living so close I could just pick it up and get to it. I am using the G-11 and other than a slight colour shift (which I hope Dilard will someday be able to correct) I am pleased. Anyway let me know.
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Yes, very much so. I haven't gotten around to formulating it and testing it yet.. as I don't have a Dila for testing purposes. I've no idea what the constitution of the paint sohould be until I've directly dealt with such. I am going to see a DILA in a few weeks, I will bring some some samples to help narrow it down. I'm planning on dropping in on Alan at AVS.

Once the company is up and running, hell, I'll just BUY what I need, and start churning out the requisite product. At this stage of the game, everything is tooth and nail. Nobody wants to play with me, as it could turn out to be a dud, so, they have the 'fear of co-joined reputaion' on their side of the marketing fence. When I don't need or want them anymore..(the manufacturers) they will come flocking. But, that's the way it works.



Ken Hotte

[email protected]
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