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KD-34XBR960 Warranty clarification please

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Okay, I've visited different online stores as well as forums and there are different claims on warranty for this unit.

Which one is it:

(1) 2 Year Parts/Labor + 2 Years on CRT

(2) 1 Year Parts/Labor + 2 Years on CRT

(3) 1 Year Parts/Labor + 1 Year on CRT

Also, does it depend where you purchase the unit from? I plan on purchasing it at a B&M Circuit City. They claim that their warranty is (3) in the list above.

Any clarification on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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I THINK it is #3, but is it "carry in" or "in home?" These sets are heavy! However, you should be able to get a 5 year P&L in home service deal on this set for under $200 (underwritten and handled by GE).

These ain't yer daddy's TV's and while I have never gone for extended service warranties in the past I think it is prudent on these. Also, note that CRT's are low failure rate compared to other electronics.
2 years parts and labor plus free in-home diagnostic service during this time - main reason I chose the XBR over the XS955. Read it straight off the warranty card I got with the tv

It is a 2 year warranty (as I believe all XBR models are). I actually purchased the 5 year warranty from Tweeter on this model for under $180, and I am glad I did. The set I have now has developed a small black dead spot (about 1 millimeter square) right in the middle of the screen (never seen this on a CRT). Since I purchased Tweeter's excellent warranty on it, they are coming to my house, boxing up the broken set, bringing a new-in-box model, and hooking it up, all for free. Had I gone with Sony's warranty, I have a feeling I would have had to send the set back myself.
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