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Ok, so I got the Westy 47 at BB after Christmas. We are also Costco members and that Vizio looks SWEET! No cost talk here But the Vizio turns out to be $50 less than the Westy, plus it has a tuner. No big deal since I'm using DishHD (no DVR yet ..$$$) so I do have an attic OTA hooked up thru the Dish that gives me 3-5 locals in HD with some dropouts.

Should I get the Vizio? It looks really good with just the feeds at Costco. I like that it has it's own tuner, but it looks like it only accepts 1080p thru component and HDMI whereas the Westy accepts 1080p through VGA and DVI also. And since I'm right now in the process of putting my MCE PC together and will need the higher res. thru vga/dvi I think I'll keep my Westy. And it has a great picture, too! (and it's already mounted but I gotta take it down to get the ser # for my Mack warranty - Don't forget your warranties -people!)

Asking a poll - kinda.

What do ya'll think?


ps - Last TV we bought was 8 years ago - anything like this is a Big Deal at my house, even though the wif was the one that saw the price on the Westy which swayed her to buy, and she's happy even though she liked the 42" Vizio we saw at C-co.
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