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That's a good price for the SC-05.

Unless there's an extra feature you want the SC-25 has that the SC-05 doesn't..

Removable Power Cord (SC-05 Non removable)

Multi-channel PQLS (SC-05 CD PQLS only)

Better iPod compatibility (album art etc)

48bit Deep Color (SC-05 36Bit)

Additional HDMI input on front panel (SC-05 No HDMI on Front panel)

One less Optical input. 4 optical inputs (SC-05 has 5 opt. 3 coax)

Rhapsody streaming..

DACs, Amps, Power, and weight appear to be the same.

If you're happy with the SC-05 and nothing is missing, and you get the full 2 year warrantee... I'ld go for the SC-05

Both are good.. go with the one that puts a smile on your face.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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