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Keeping track of multiple streaming services/apps.

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I tried a search, but didn't come up with anything, possibly because I'm having trouble with the terms to use and not sure if what I'm after even exists.

I'm dropping Fios TV service and going all streaming. I have had Netflix and Amazon Prime for multiple years and I've added HBO Max, Discovery +, Disney+. Hulu and YouTube TV more recently. It was hard enough to keep track of what to watch on which service when I had two or three. It gets more frustrating each time I add a service. I only have Disney+ and Hulu because it's bundled with VZW now. I suspect my wife will use Disney+ often, I don't expect either of us to use Hulu much.

How do you keep track? Is there a third party service or application that can be installed on a streaming device? I'm thinking something that would merge them into one UI. The closest I've seen is that I can add HBO Max to my YouTube TV account, and then I'd access it from there I think; one less streaming app to go into.

I have an Amazon Fire TV (the flat box from 2016) and would be willing to buy a different device. I'm on the fence getting a Shield TV Pro as is.
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For now, the best trackers are apps like JustWatch and ReelGood.

You tell them what services you have and then find stuff to watch.
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I use the Watch Now feature of the AppleTV app (on my AppleTV 4K). It will manage and track shows and movies across most streaming services in a unified interface that I find convenient. The biggest exception is Netflix, unfortunately.

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