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kef iQ series

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I was thinking of buyings a pair of Kef iQ1 and a iQ6 for my basement which I have just redone. Does anyone care to share their opnion on these speakers good or bad? Also what would you recommend if bad? Thanks
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I could tell you that they are fabulous or that they suck, and it shouldn't make one iota of difference. You really must listen before you buy, and if you like them (after factoring in price) then that is the only thing that counts.

They are well-made speakers from an established company. They are also British, meaning that the price includes a high exchange rate.
I have listened to them and some to EPOS and preffered the KEF. I just wanted a few different opinions to see what others may think.
I like them. In fact, at one time I was considering buying a pair of iQ9's. (I ended up with Def Tech's, though.)
Kef speakers are great. The Uniq point-source driver has extremely wide dispersion. They are some of the best British speakers out there. They arent popular here in the US for whatever reason. They outsell B$W in the UK.

If you like the sound then buy them!

I took a trade-in on a pair of Reference 205's one time, and was so impressed that I am still considering carrying their products.

The step up XQ series is also very nice with the hypertweeter.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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