Subwoofers are beholden to the laws of physics. It is said "there's no replacement for displacement" which is polite speak for "big subs kick ass". But KEF, which just recently announced a new motor design called Uni-Core, makes a rather incredible claim: 11 Hz from a dual-opposed 6.5" sub housed in a 10" cube and powered by a 1000-watt amp: The KC62 ($1499).

According to KEF, this subwoofer, which weighs 31 pounds, is somehow able to dig down to 11 Hz and offer a maximum output of 105 dB. But, I think it's reasonable to guess that you never going to get 11 Hz at 105 dB out of it.


I'm not going to opine too much about what sort of performance one should expect from a sub like this, but everything I know about subwoofers points this being a lifestyle device where the real-world specifications are not going to line up with the marketing specs.

Of course, final judgement should be reserved for a sub that's been properly measured. Is KEF willing to send the KC62 to The closest thing I could find spec-wise to what I presume is true about KEF's specs (maximum output has no relation to spec'd bass extension) is an SVS SB-12 NSD, which gets to 105 dB at 40 Hz, but drops to 81 dB at 12.5 Hz. I would guess KEF did not want to publish a "real" +/- 3 dB spec for the KC62.

If you seek more info before commenting, take a peek at the KEF blog where you'll encounter new marketing terms, such as "P-Flex Surround, also known as Origami Surround" and "Smart Distortion Control Technology" not to mention "Music Integrity Engine" and "Intelligent Bass Extension" and "SmartLimiter".

I'm open to being proven wrong in my skepticism, but for now it's hard to look at this new product without thinking of good ole' Arthur Fonzarelli enjoying some skiing while on summer vacation.

That's all for now. Looking forward to the reviews.