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Hi, new here and while I am an analytic, the shear amount of info and knowledge here is staggering. I am setting up a new av setup in my 14x17 den. Panny 54"g20 and I am deciding between receivers and speaker combos. I have little wall space due to windows and fireplace where tv will go.

I am looking at the following for speakers: KEF ci3-80qt for the three fronts

KEF ci 200.3qr/qs for the rear two

Sub- Don't know what to do here

Receivers: Onkyo 608 or yamaha 667 Will use this for daily tv viewing, xbox360, movies and music. Any thoughts on alternatives for my choices? Any preferences? I am looking to get best bang for buck. No need for audiophilic specificity. I just want things to sound right.

I thank you so much. Scott
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