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Originally Posted by ForzaFrogs  /t/1523497/kef-r700-r900-v-b-w-cm10#post_24508192

 It can be difficult for me to pick up differences when you go to different shops and everything is hooked up to different pre/pros

And it can be just as bad or worse taking other people's words for it.

It is all 100% subjective opinions. Nothing more. Some will like, some will hate. It gets nowhere.

The only thing you can do is look at speaker measurements like the on-axis and off-axis frequency responses, impedance, and sensitivity. This will help you determine whether the speaker is accurate (+/- 2dB or better) or inaccurate (+/-4dB or worse). It will also help you determine if the speaker is difficult to power (low impedance

And then you will just have to listen to the speakers or buy from a dealer that has a great return policy. Some companies offer a 30-day trial (NHT, Aperion, KEF Direct, etc.)
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