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Kef T101 speakers and different sub

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I recently purchased the Kef T105 and while the T-2 sub is nice, I was considering swapping in a more powerful sub to give more chest thumping bass. I was thinking about the SVS PC12-NSD or maybe the power sound audio XV-15. How would these work with my T101 satellites?

I would imagine this is not a super common question as people tend to buy these "lifestyle" packages so they don't have to choose individual speakers but if anyone has any experience adding a different sub to a set of satellites I would appreciate it. Thanks
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It is totally fine to use a different brand of subwoofer from the main speakers.  The only consideration is that the subwoofer can go high enough to blend with the bass of the main speakers.   The manual for the T101 recommends a minimum crossover setting of 120 Hz, so you want a subwoofer that can go up to about 150 Hz, which pretty much every subwoofer can do.


I would go with the SVS subwoofer.  You cannot go wrong with SVS, as their subwoofer are excellent, and a good value.  They have great customer service and a good warranty.  You simply cannot go wrong with them.


And even though the SVS is rated only up to 130 Hz, I would not worry too much about that.  I would set the crossover in your receiver to 120 Hz, and bypass the crossover in the SVS.


In the future, if you ever replace your main speakers, I recommend getting some with a -3dB point of about 60 Hz or lower, so you can set the crossover to the THX recommended point of 80 Hz.
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Thanks for the reply.  I used to have bigger speakers, Mirage OM-12's, OM-R2's, an OM-C2, and a BPS-150, but I sold them to buy the Kef package.  I bought the Mirages when I was a bachelor, now I have two young kids and more importantly a wife.  While my 4 year old son really liked the "big speakers" my bride was not such a big fan.  


I was leaning towards the SVS as it is less of an eyesore than the Power Sound Audio so I'm glad you could reaffirm my thinking!  


Since you seem to be sharp on this stuff - would it be possible to use both the T-2 and the SVS?  Basically having the T-2 fill in that gap between the sats and the SVS?  I only have a 7.1 receiver (Marantz NR1603) so I would need to have use a y-splitter.  Would this work?  Everything I have read suggests using two identical subs for the best bass, but as I am trying to cover two different frequency ranges, could my y-splitter idea work?


Thanks again for your input.
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It would be quite tricky to get the levels right, as most automatic setups are not set up to deal with 2 subwoofers dealing with different frequency spectrums.  I suggest trying just the SVS, and if that works well, then just forget about the other subwoofer.  Sell it to someone else, or give it to Goodwill, but do not use it if you do not need it.  (If it does not work well, post again, and send me a PM if I do not seem to notice your new post.)


As for dealing with your wife on these things, I strongly recommend strict honesty, and also trying very hard not to get suckered into any nonsense in audio.  My wife is okay with the things I do, because I do not waste money on magic wires and other nonsense, and I am strictly honest with her on why something has to be as it is in order to work well.


Many years ago, my wife asked me about those "cute" little Bose speakers.  I explained to her why they are not good and cannot be good.  She was okay with that, because I do not lie to her about anything, and I do not believe in nonsensical magic in audio or other things.  After some time, we attended a party at a coworker's house, that had the little Bose cubes, and, without me asking about them or saying anything about them, my wife commented on how bad the little cubes sounded.


If, however, you try to manipulate your wife in some way or other, if she is smart, she will stop believing anything you say.  So in the long run, it is good to keep to a policy of strict honesty, and to avoid BS nonsense, because if she is smart, she will not like it if you are suckered into some nonsensical beliefs that waste money and make your home look bad.
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Thanks again for the suggestions. We already had the Kefs in our beach house and they sounded great. If they didn't I would not have gone for the swap. Additionally, my wife is fairly savvy- she hates the bose cubes and actually had a set of focal satellites/sub when I met her.

We are a 98% HT family so the poorer music performance of the Kefs vs the Mirages is not a big deal. I actually think the Kefs do better with movies as I am hearing things now that I never heard before with the mirages- mostly quiet dialog. Could be the bipolar center wasn't the best idea.
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