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Hello i am new to the forums...

I have a Kenwood KA V7700 amp ..

and 2x B&W DM 600

and also a Jamo center 100

And a DI -Box David 310 subwoofer

The problem is that there is a fuzzy noise coming out of the LEFT when the center is on .. but if i turn off the center it doesn't do it unless the volume is turned up high

I check the connections and stuff and there is no problem with the wiring.

I also swapped the speakers left and right and it still had the same problem.

I don't know hat is the problem .. But its very annoying when the movie is in a quiet scene and you hear static noise ..

Anyone know what is the problem?

Also if someone has a extact same amp,speakers,sub .. can you find a online manual, i can't find it anywhere .
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